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... About the B.B.A.C Information about the B.B.A.C

The B.B.A.C is a non-political group of local citizens who are concerned about the possible health hazards of the new Chineham incinerator.

Our membership includes a wide cross section of the local community, including small business owners, pensioners, housewives, artists, engineers, IT specialists, scientists and a whole lot more!

Our only common goal is our belief that the current proposals for waste management have not taken public interest into account and a belief that more research into viable and environmentally friendly alternatives to both incineration and landfill need to be undertaken.

In terms of safety, we believe that the burden of proof should rest with the Hampshire County Council (HCC) and Hampshire Waste Services (HWS) - in other words we believe that they should have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the new incinerator will be safe. At present the burden of proof seems to lie with us - in that we have to prove that the incinerator is not going to be safe. Since it is our health and well-being that is at stake, we believe that local government and big-business have a moral obligation and duty to put people before profits.

Membership is free and we welcome your interest and support. You don't have to live in Chineham, Basingstoke or even Hampshire. This is an issue that affects us all because this incinerator is likely to be the first of many to be built across the UK.

The next one might be built in YOUR community!

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