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Download Documents

This page contains links to allow you to download a number of independent reports relating to the hazards of incineration in general.

To minimise your download time,  the documents in this section have been compressed into WinZip archives under their respective names. The version of WinZip used is version: V7.0 SR1 and is available from WinZip Website*.

Note: For your convenience, zip files containing Word documents also contain a Rich Text Format (RTF) version of the appropriate document, which can be loaded into earlier versions of Word and a variety of alternative PC-based word processing packages.  Zip files containing Adobe PDF files do not of course, include RTF files.

Documents created using Microsoft Word 95 (Version 7.00) or Adobe Acrobat (TM) PDF files,can be loaded into a compatible version of Word or Acrobat, by following these steps:-

  • Select the Document archive you would like to download from the list below.

  • Download the appropriate zip file to the disk/directory of your choice.

  • Use your favourite virus checker to assure yourself that the downloaded archive(s) of your choice are"clean" and virus-free.

  • Run Winzip and extract the *.doc file from the selected zip file, into a disk/directory of your choice.

  • Start Word and open the doc file (or RTF) in the normal fashion.

  • Alternatively, start Adobe Acrobat reader (available free from Adobe's website)

In the unlikely event that you experience problems downloading any of the documents shown below, please send E-mail to the webmaster (see our Contacts Page for details)

Select the appropriate link from the list below to begin downloading the presentation of your choice:-

Download Document Archive: GreenpeaceAsh.zip (1.4 Mb)

On Wednesday 3rd July, 2002 The Environment Agency published this report of its investigation into ash from municipal solid waste incinerators in England, its disposal and end use, including the disposal of air pollution control residues and the use and disposal of ash mixed with air pollution control residues.

The investigation was undertaken as a result of public concern over the use of mixed ash from the London Waste incinerator at Edmonton in North London in construction blocks, and stockpiled in the open at a site in Dagenham in Essex.

The Agency succeeded in tracking all of the ash from the 11 municipal incinerators. After undertaking a number of tests on ash and consulting available scientific expertise, the Agency has not found cause for concern that these residues contribute significantly to human exposure to dioxin levels.

The full report is available by clicking the link above. It is currently also available on the Environment Agency's website at the following location:-


Download Document Archive: GreenpeaceHealthReport401.zip  (352 kb)

This balanced and detailed 84-page report compiled by Greenpeace (released in March 2001),  addresses the health issues pertaining to waste incineration in-depth. The report concludes that:-

'These (Studies) should be seen, as strongly indicative that incinerators are potentially very damaging to human health' 

A "must read" for anyone concerned with this issue! The document is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.


Download Document Archive: GreenpeaceHealthBrief.zip  (65 kb)

This 9-page report compiled by Greenpeace (released in May 2001),  reveals a wide body of evidence demonstrating the negative health impacts of waste incineration. These include cancers, heart disease, birth defects, allergies and breathing problems.

Despite these health concerns, new political analysis shows that the Labour Party are the only mainstream party that favours incineration. Current Government plans identify more than 100 potential new incinerators, despite widespread public opposition and the fact that both Tories and Lib Dems are seeking a moratorium. The document is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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