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We have been accused on many occasions of being NIMBY's (Not In My Back Yard) and we are sure that other campaigners have also been labelled in such a fashion. The reality is that we are NIABY's (Not In ANYONE'S Back Yard) and government at both a national and county level have yet to explain why the variety of sustainable alternatives to incineration have not been properly considered.

With the strong possibility of up to 160 new incinerator facilities being built in the UK over the next 20 years, we can expect to see growing public opposition (we certainly hope so!) to incineration as a form of waste management, as people become more and more concerned about the possible health hazards and become more and more aware of the ever-growing number of viable alternatives that already exist.

Already, similar campaigns against incineration are starting to spring up all over the United Kingdom. This page provides links to a number of similar campaign groups throughout the UK.

The list will be continually updated and we encourage you to visit this page often, since it is quite possible that the next incinerator might be built in YOUR town or village.

What can you do?

  • Check this website page regularly.
  • Read the Public notices section of your local newspaper regularly (Government are required by law to give notice to the public of such planning proposals)
  • Take immediate action if/when such a planning proposal appears, by joining an existing campaign or starting a new one (if you start a new one, let us know and we will include a link to your web site FREE - See our Contacts Page for more details)
  • Remember - tomorrow may be too late. Act TODAY to have your voice heard!


The BBAC accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or content of web pages and sites listed below. Responsibility for such content resides with the appropriate web site management.

Please Note: An asterisk (*) next to a link, indicates site will open in new browser window.

Campaign Group List

Bexley and Districts Against Incineration Risks(BADAIR)
We no longer have a web link for this group,
if anyone can supply us with a new url, we will post it here, thanks!

Burpham Community Association (BCA) *

Byker And Newcastle Waste Group (BAN Waste) *

Campaign Against the New Kiln (CANK) * - Padeswood, Flintshire, UK

CHAIN - Cheshire Anti-Incinerator Network*

Defenders of the Ouse Valley and Estuary (DOVE)* - East Sussex, UK

Global Anti Incinerator Alliance (GAIA)*

Guildford Anti Incineration Network (GAIN)*

LAI - London Against Incineration*

No Incineration at Mountfield*

No Incinerators For Essex (NIFE)
Successful in stopping their incinerator! Group carries on for Europe, see link below:

No Incinerators For Europe (NIFE)*

RASP - Anti SARP Campaigners (Killamarsh)
We no longer have a web link for this group,
if anyone can supply us with a new url, we will post it here, thanks!

Redhill Incinerator Campaign * - Surrey, UK
Successful in stopping their incinerator!

Visit the ROAR / SAGE website.
Roar (Residents' Objections Against Richborough Incinerator) and SAGE (Sandwich Action Group for the Environment) were successful in stopping their incinerator! Link no longer active.

Rother Environmental Group* - East Sussex, UK

Rugby In Plume (RIP) * - Warwickshire, UK

Stop Kidderminster Incinerator (SKI) * - Worcestershire, UK

Stop The Incinerator Campaign*

York Residents Against INcineration (YRAIN)*

Zero Waste Alliance *


Many of the groups above belong to the Yahoo! UK-ROI Incinerator Group. Why not join today and get up-to-the minute information on campaigns around the UK and Ireland?

Don't Let the Bureaucrats railroad their incineration proposals through.
Exercise your democratic right to oppose government on this important issue!

Other Useful Links:

Visit Bedminster's Website

Visit the IT Power Website

Sorry we no longer have a viable web link for Rondeco,
if anyone can supply us with a url, we will post it here, thanks!

Community Recycling Network *

Environment Times Magazine *

Sustainable Waste Systems *

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